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About My Cakes


All of my regular cakes, fillings and buttercreams are made from scratch. There are no chemicals, preservatives or stabilizers. This means that they are perishable and will have a very different taste and texture than a boxed mix cake or one that you buy from the grocery store. My cakes have a homemade taste, because that's what they are - homemade. I make all the fillings and buttercreams. For me, nothing can compare to the flavours of real ingredients.


I love to make cakes and I love eating them. I worked very hard to develop recipes that are delicious and not too sweet, so prefer to use Swiss Meringue Buttercream (made with granulated sugar and cooked meringue) - not only is it a beautiful buttercream to work with it's light, fluffy, and just sweet enough. It doesn't take away from the flavour of the cake itself or the fillings, instead it compliments them and helps carry the flavours. It also gives cakes a more refined look, perfect for wedding and special celebration cakes. I also use Simple Buttercream (made with butter and icing sugar), a more traditional option and a sweeter alternative.


I love making decorations out of fondant, but it still took me a while to get on the fondant band wagon. I love the look that fondant can give a cake, but I'm not crazy about the way it tastes, and taste is so important to me. There were also other things to think about when using fondant - mainly condensation after it's been refrigerated!! After some trial and lots of error I decided on chocolate ganache and simple buttercream for my fondant cakes. Ganache under the fondant for stability and Simple Buttercream as filling. Both are stable enough to be left out and taste like heaven on a cake. All of my fondant cakes are filled with simple buttercream or chocolate ganache.

Handmade Sugar Decorations

A fun way to customize your cake is to have handmade decorations - sugar flowers, cake toppers, figurines - the list is almost endless. These added touches can definitely add to the cost of your cake, and depending on the level of detail and time involved, can sometimes be expensive. If you're interested in some custom decorations please ask me for a quote. I'm happy to work with you to create a decoration plan that fits within your budget!