Photo Credit - Picture Muskoka

My name is Erin Fawcett. I have two beautiful children, Jacob and Abbigale, with my amazing 

husband, Jeff Fawcett, and a very loving and supportive family.

I'm the one and only person behind Sweet Confections, I operate my business out of my home 

(for now). I've always been artistic and have always loved to bake, both loves going back to 

before I could tie my shoes. I discovered that I had a knack for cake decorating when I decided 

to try and make my son a dragon cake for his third birthday in 2010, it was surprisingly easy for 

me. I took this new discovery about myself and made my daughter a tiered fondant cake (my 

first) for her first birthday later that year followed by a larger tiered fondant cake for my 

grandmother's 75th birthday. I continued to develop my skills and experiment with cakes for 

family and friends. In early 2011 I started to consider my own business. I began developing 

recipes that were my own and made things official in October 2011. I've done all this while being 

a stay at home mom, becoming a college graduate in small business accounting and 

occasionally working part time.

All I can say is life is sweet!